PENGASSAN accused marketers of hoarding, moving to increase fuel price

The shortage of Premium Motor Spirit, prevalently known as petrol, is mostly a direct result of its hoarding and redirection by oil marketers who are aggressively working towards an increase in the price of the commodity, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, PENGASSAN has said.

PEGASSAN blames marketers for fuel scarcity in Nigeria. PEGASSAN blames marketers for fuel scarcity in Nigeria.

It particularly expressed that merchants under the aegis of the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria, Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association, and additionally the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria were altogether engaged with the hoarding and redirection of the item, a development that further caused the declined and shortage of the commodity across the country on Friday.

The National President, PENGASSAN, Francis Johnson, expressed that it wasn’t right to attribute the scarcity being witnessed in most parts of the country to the recent threat by the association to embark on a strike, Punch Nigeria Nigeria reports.

He insisted that the current petroleum shortage was predominantly a direct result of the push by oil marketers to increase the price of the commodity, but emphasized that the association would not support such a treacherous move.

He said, “And let me say it here that the oil marketers are complaining, they’ve been looking for ways to increase fuel price. But the labour unions, Trade Union Congress, Nigeria Labour Congress, Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers and PENGASSAN are the ones who still fight and say to the marketers that they can’t do that. All of the marketers, IPMAN, DAPPMA, MOMAN, etc, have been agitating for petrol price increase.

“They give you so many reasons, they say dollar is not accessible, they say this, they say that, but we tell them ‘no’, you can’t do that. And so subtle hoarding begins to take place, they start looking for ways to force the government to increase price. That is the game.”

Stressing that PENGASSAN had nothing to do with the fuel scarcity, Johnson said, “Like I told you earlier, left to the marketers, PMS will be selling at N500 per litre because they are there to make profits.

“They say they don’t have access to crude oil, they lack access to dollars and that it is only the NNPC that is importing. We said go and import, but they said if they must do that, fuel should be increased to N170 per litre.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation also confirmed that there had been an alarming rate of products’ hoarding and diversion in the past three weeks, but refused to state the group of marketers involved in the act.

In another news, Nigerians have expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment in the Buhari led Ministry of petroleum.

At an NNPC petrol station along Lagos Abeokuta express way a man was heard saying, “This government is a disgrace, The Muhammadu Buhari led government doubled the pump price as soon as they resumed office, removed subsidy, built no refinery and a country that is rich in petroleum is now experiencing scarcity on his watch.

Another said “One would have thought a Muhammadu Buhari led Ministry of petroleum could do better than the statusquo.”

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